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Has sleep become mysterious and stressful?
Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep?
Do you get through the day on caffeine and adrenaline?
Is your lack of sleep affecting other aspects of your waking life?
Are you missing the energy and enthusiasm to be your best self?
Hi, I'm Lauren, and I've been there.

I’m here to take the mystery out of consistent, restful sleep.

Sandy, Nursing Teacher
"I now fall asleep with ease and stay asleep. She helped me make adjustments in my mindset and lifestyle that have truly transformed my health. So grateful that there is someone like Lauren to help with insomnia."

SLEEP is one of the 3 pillars of health 
along with exercise and nutrition

But how hard it is to exercise and cook healthy food when you are beyond exhausted from not sleeping??

Am I right!? 

Insomnia can make getting out of bed in the morning feel like torture rather than a joy. It can make your whole day feel harder and bedtime feel stressful.

Let’s take a closer look at how poor sleep is affecting your life:

No Energy

Tired all day but wide awake at night

Low Motivation

Too tired to do anything

Relationship Stress

Little patience, lot of stress

Bedtime Anxiety

What if I don't sleep?

Weight Gain

Gaining weight, loosing muscle and cravings... oh the cravings...

Bad Memory

I forget what to write here

Sick of Being Sick

Catching a cold every 2nd Thursday?

Out of Control

Will I sleep? Will I wake up? How will I feel tomorrow? Ughhh

Low Libido

Sex? I used to like that


Feeling braindead


I have tried so many things


How is this affecting my long-term health

You are NOT ALONE. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that about 30% of adults experience acute insomnia each year, and up to 10% experience chronic insomnia.

The BEST NEWS is that you can learn how to sleep better and I can show you exactly HOW.

Often, attempts to fix insomnia on your own can make the situation worse. That’s because…

Insomnia is not the problem.
It’s a symptom of other problems and imbalances.

Imagine a Life Free of Insomnia

Let’s take a moment to consider what life might be like if the weight of bad sleep was suddenly lifted off your shoulders. 

How would that feel? Close your eyes and imagine it. Feel it.

For starters - a full nights rest. Stress free.
Th ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without stressing about it.

Waking rejuvenated and excited about the day.
No more dreaded mornings. No more need to fuel your whole day with coffee and chocolate.

Thriving relationships. Energy and patience to enjoy!
More time and energy to invest in yourself and others. Never making excuses because you’re too tired for those you love.

Abundant motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm. Awesome!!!!!
Success in your career and personal ambitions because you've got the time & energy to move and create.

Flourishing health, both physical and mental
Energy and a rejuvinated positive mindset to exercise joyfully, nourish yourself deliciously, and intentionally make time for self care and fun!

All the happiness.
Your bed is a place of love, comfort, & security that you look forward to as the sun goes down. This time of rest recharges your batteries to make tomorrow as amazing as it can be. You, my friend, are happy.

A life full of energy and free of stress.
Consistent sleep has changed every aspect of your life. How does it feel?

Seriously, close your eyes and imagine life without insomnia. Take a minute for yourself.  How amazing would it feel if this weight was gone, gone, gone for good. 


A night and day difference in your quantity and quality of sleep.


Physical and mental shifts that will last a lifetime.

Renewed Lifestyle

A fundamental rehabilitation of the 5 aspects of life affecting your sleep.

Guaranteed Results

I’ve never had a client fail to experience profound results, and I promise you won’t be the first.

A Word From My Clients

“I found Lauren when I was at my darkest hour with insomnia. I honestly felt that I was trying everything I could think of and still not seeing sustained results. Lauren became an anchor for me to learn how to sleep again. I worked with Lauren for three months, and after those three months I now fall asleep with ease and stay asleep. She helped me make adjustments in my mindset and lifestyle that have truly transformed my health. So grateful that there IS someone like Lauren to help with insomnia. ”
—Sandy, Brittish Columbia, Nursing Teacher
“With Lauren I learned that the stress I had about my sleep was actually worse than my sleeping problem really was. She helped me with my stress management so much. I found that small changes made a big difference and that getting a good night’s sleep is not as hard as I used to think! I now feel tired at night time and have energy during the day. I used to feel the opposite.”
Shay, Ontario, Social Media Manager
“I expected my sleep to improve, but what I did not expect from seeing Lauren was that my overall physical and mental health would improve as well. My stress and anxiety is so much more manageable… on top of sleeping throughout the night!”
—Alex, Ontario, Accountant
“I had been taking medications and still having trouble sleeping. Lauren’s program helped me learn how to sleep again. Once my sleep improved over time, I then had the confidence to speak with my doctor about coming off the meds. Now I actually believe I can sleep without them! The way I think and feel about sleep now is so different from how I felt before. Thank you!!”
—Rob, Ontario, Government Analyst

A Sleep Transformation


If you are struggling to overcome poor sleep habits or have accepted the fact that insomnia is making your life difficult, you’re not alone.

In fact, millions of people struggle with these same concerns, but many don't seek help. For that, I congratulate you! Half the battle is won.

Individualized Sessions

We each have different lifestyles, responsibilities, capabilities, and ambitions. One on one sessions with your expert guide to the other side of your sleeping struggles. Take the mystery out of sleep.

Education + Personal Experience

My own journey to a resolution took about 5 years and about $10,000 - trying literally everything.  It involved countless tears, fears, and anxieties, and a feeling of complete hopelessness on more occasions than I care to recall. This motivated me to study sleep science and use my passion to spread better sleep!

I approach sleep from 6 KEY PILLARS 

Skip the trial and error, and the frustration an disappointment of trying things that don't work. 

The 6 Key Pillars

The help I offer is grounded in these 6 areas.

Sleep Science

Drug-free insomnia recovery techniques are very well established to work better than medications & without side effects. Their lasting results promote long term health and happiness. When you learn about sleep and how to attract it, you can more easily change your thoughts and habits around it.

Lifestyle Coaching

If you don’t change anything, then nothing will change. I help you get really clear on what is happening now, what you want your future to look like, and how we can get you there. Changes are not just in the minutes before bed, and accountability is key.


The what and when of our nutrition has a profound impact on our sleep, daytime energy, anxiety, and overall health. I keep my nutritionist hat on for you and we tackle this beast from all angles. It’s not only about sleep, but about how you feel during the day! Nutrition plays an enormous and often overlooked role.

Stress Reduction

My experience running group meditations as a yoga teacher and my naturally low and slow voice (hilariously) make me good at putting people to sleep. :) Each section includes a stress reduction technique which you can use forever and ever for the rest of your life. 


Our negative self talk and beliefs hold us back from sleeping better in the same way that they hold us back in business & relationships. I help shift your mindset to one  that will help you sleep better - rather than one that gets in your way!


Hands down, the best method to acheiving results is learn from those have acheived them.  I have overcome this beast for myself and for others and have devoted my life to sleep science.  Not only does it give me more compassion for your experience, but it also gives me the ability to help you in ways that others can't.

Here are some of the essentials that I teach. How to:

  • Sleep Track in THE most effective way
  • Improve Sleep Quality to feel more rested
  • Prioritize sleep and why you would want to
  • ​Create the best Sleep Environment and use it to your advantage
  • Fall Back Asleep faster and with less stress
  • Eat for better energy and better sleep
  • ​Understand your Circadian Rhythm and all its parts
  • Use sleep as a superpower, a deeper understanding of napping and dream
  • ​Incorporate the most impactful habits into your life
  • ​Learn to improve your sleep for the rest of your life

Proven Results

Seeing the light on the other side on insomnia was one of the greatest reliefs and triumphs of my life. That sounds dramatic, but I had it bad. 

I designed this program to help you in the way I wanted to be helped back then. Everyone who has been through my coaching program has seen amazing, lasting results. My mission is to make sure you feel a difference.

Just learning without taking action does not produce results. Learning with individualized recommendations, tracking, coaching, and accountability is where results start blossoming. 

Here are just a few examples of graphed results:
Jay started with 30 wake ups per week and over 22 hours of being awake in bed each week. He was exhausted all the time and rated his sleep stress as 10/10.

When we finished working together he rated his sleep stress at 1.5/10, his wake ups were 0 to 2 per night but now with the ability to fall right back asleep!
Ann started with an average of 5 hours of sleep per night, more than 10 wake ups per week, and more the 10 hours in bed awake each week. 

She ended with an average of 7.5 hours of sleep, 2 wake ups per week and less than an hour awake per night (which consisted of enjoying her bed, not stressing about sleep!)
Jen's sleep stress started as a 9/10 and was down to 2/10 when we finished! She was spending 20 hours each week lying awake in bed, trying to sleep. That went down to just a few minute to fall asleep and a few minutes enjoying her bed in the morning. 

The first week we worked together, she woke up 6 times and had trouble falling back to sleep for many hours. The last 3 weeks of our sessions, she did not wake up in the night at all.

Guaranteed Results

Session Structure

Each session will include:
 - Coaching
 - A sleep education session
 - Changes for the coming week
 - A stress reduction technique

Guaranteed Results

If you follow my guidance to a TEE for 8 weeks, track it all, and don't see any improvements, I will refund you 100%.

I have not had to refund anyone yet!

Are you ready to sleep better?

  • My sleep struggles are a significant problem. I am worried about my sleep.
  • ​​I’m ready to transform how I think and feel about sleep.
  • ​​I’m prepared to invest my time and energy to resolving my insomnia once and for all.
  • ​​Fixing my sleep and all the affected aspects of my life that go along with it is a priority.
  • I’m willing and able to make necessary changes to my daily habits and rituals.
  • ​I’m open to and eager for expert advice that will permanently shift my relationship with sleep.
  • ​I am not willing to suffer any longer. I’m am ready to make changes now.
  • ​I recognize that profound improvements are not free, and I am ready to contribute to my own well-being.
  • ​​​I’ve tried other ways to improve my sleep but have not seen the results I need.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi! I'm Lauren.

I’m the creator of Coaching for Insomniacs and Revival - A Sleep Transformation.

I could have introduced myself with a professional picture of me at a desk with a suit, but this is the real me, living the lifestyle that has made great sleep a regular part of my life.

I’m a certified sleep science coach, registered holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor and an ex-insomniac. I help people like you come through insomnia to unveil their sleep potential and achieve lasting, rehabilitating rest.

My approach to sleep transformation uses science based, immersive, drug free techniques - proven time and time again to benefit your sleep more than medications and without the side effects. 

From Desperate Insomniac to Sleep Expert

I don’t remember how my own insomnia began. But I remember exactly how bad it got.

I remember how I felt night after night: lying awake, heart pounding, hot, cold, hot, songs in my head, thoughts, great - now I have to pee.

I remember the mornings where I cried before going to work. There were so many of those mornings. I would have an absolute meltdown. I would be awake all night in depseration and then fall asleep on the bus to work.

I was loosing control of my emotions. My memory was getting really bad at work. I felt crazy.

On occasion, sleeping meds “sort of” helped, but made me more “unconscious” than “asleep” - And usually left me even more groggy and gross feeling the nest day. Arriving at work like that was even worse than the insomnia on its own.

Eventually, I realized this could not continue. My inability to get a good nights rest was affecting every aspect of my life:
  • My Mood and how I treated myself and others was worsening
  • ​My Memory and capacity to stay on task continuously diminishing
  • ​My Physical and Mental health were suffering
  • ​My Immune System was crashing and I was sick every week
  • ​My Relationships & Friendships were falling apart
  • ​My Motivation for work and professional life dwindling
  • ​My Patience and ability to appreciate life practically nonexistent
  • ​My Energy to accomplish my To Do Lists and go about my life, near zero.​
  • ​My Stress Levels were through the roof

I was suffering greatly - and it all rooted in one simple thing: I just couldn’t sleep.

Something HAD to change. So my 5 year journey of trying every conceivable remedy began.

  • prescription medications
  • ​over the counter medications
  • ​epsom salt foot soaks and baths
  • ​chinese medicine
  • ​bedtime yoga 
  • ​morning yoga 
  • ​weird and quirky workouts that "experts" claimed would work
  • ​supplements (every freaking supplement I could find....and I was taking LOTS)
  • ​earplugs
  • ​sleep masks
  • ​benadryl or other over the counter "drowsy meds"
  • ​alcohol
  • ​pot
  • ​essential oils
  • ​bedtime tea
  • ​new lifestyle routines
  • ​sleeping pills
  • ​doctors visits
  • ​​therapy
  • ​breaking up with my boyfriend
  • ​quitting my job
Seriously - you name it and I probably tried it. I tell you all this with honesty and vulnerability so that you understand: I have been through what you are going through.

Eventually, I felt a shift

It took more than five years and costs well over ten thousand dollars, but after countless trials and errors - I found what finally worked: the perfect recipe that transformed insomnia into consistent, deep restful sleep. It all came together, the weight lifted off my shoulders.

Finally, I could sleep. And pretty soon I was able to get my life back in order.

My Transition to Coaching

Before working in sleep, I was a registered holistic nutritionist in a naturopathic clinic.

I worked at a clinic in Ottawa where I managed the supplement store and saw clients 1 on 1 for nutrition. People would come in everyday telling us how they could not sleep and asking us to recommend some supplement for sleep. 

Are there supplements for sleep? 
"Yes, of course there are, but it is the same idea as taking a drug. It is just to sedate you and cover up the insomnia. Plus, they don't work consistently and it may be extremely costly and it won’t address the reason why you have insomnia." 

This was motivation for me to get more education in sleep science and start helping people with sleep in a targeted and effective way!

Nowadays, seeing my clients’ sleep improve fills me with joy because I know they are seeing lasting results from the root of the problem - and many of them see improvements after the first session. 

I’ve put everything I know into a simple, transformational program.

Why is overcoming insomnia so challenging?

Overcoming sleep issues is not common knowledge.

We don’t study sleep science anywhere in our formal education system. When you have trouble sleeping you tend to get unhelpful advice like: "just drink some warm milk" or "take a melatonin"… sigh. 

When we have poor sleep, we accidentally adapt behaviours which make insomnia worse.

When we are trying fix our insomnia on our own, we develop new habits which keep us stuck in the cycle of insomnia - thus creating a long term problem. It becomes a spiral because you feel you are too tired to do anything. You can’t focus and your mind wanders everywhere, and the spiral exacerbates. 

I will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do. I will keep you focused and accountable. My goal is to see you on the other side of insomnia. All you have to do is trust me and give it a try.

Sleep is a massive topic. I got you.

You don’t have to go through this journey alone. If you do, the process of trial and error will take much, much longer.  Without professional guidance, I suffered for 5 years and spent thousands of dollars to figure it out for myself.  

Let’s get you to the point where you don’t need me anymore!

How Much Longer Will You Wait to Revive Your Sleep?

Can I start anytime?

You can start anytime, but I only work with 8 clients at once. If my schedule is full, you will need to wait until someone finished they journey before we can start.

How is this different?

Many people try different things to help with sleep without consistent results because 3 KEY things are missing: a well rounded sleep education, individualized recommendations and accountability for making changes in a way where you will feel the difference.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

 I guarantee you that if you take your sleep seriously, implement all my recommendations, you WILL improve your sleep. I only work with clients I know I can help, so if I do no feel that I am the right person for your situation, I will be totally honest.

What if the insomnia is “just my hormones”?

It’s never just one thing… by the time your sleep is way off, there have been a few too many straws on that camel’s back. Ladies, your hormones may be playing a role, but they are not the only thing! AND I have a section in my program which covers your hormones. I got you :)
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